TED Podcast Extras – Independa


Independa is a cloud-based software solution from our customer organization to the care recipient to the personal caregiver. Care recipients enjoy social integration and important appointment and medicine reminders through the world’s first and only TV with embedded remote care services. While the organization and the friends and family of the care recipient engage through […]

TED-2014-12-17 – Pet Tech

Pet Tech

Pet Tech covers various things for various pets. I will cover the main tech gadgets for Dogs, Cats and Fish. These are probably the main types of the 50+ Elders out there especially if living at home, apartment or a living center. Other types of tech gadgets can be found to cover Hamsters to Horses. […]

TED Podcast Extras – OnKol


OnKol a different, stylish and simple-to-use device that connects elderly and special needs folks to family and caregivers. A team approach to helping care for a loved one, while allowing them to continue to live independently in their home. Simultaneously notifies selected family members and caregivers of everything from vital signs to emergency calls or […]

TED-2014-12-10 – Computer Aids

Computer Aids

Computer Aids or peripherals. These can be better mice, keyboards or displays. Audio devices like speakers, headphones, electronic keyboards, microphones, mixer, drum machines, midi devices and the like. It can be a better printer, be it laser, inkjet or 3D. Hard drive, flashdrive, CD/DVD/Blueray or NAS box. Drawing devices like light pens, tablets and others. […]

TED Podcast Extras – Super Ears

Super Ears

Put on your Super Ears for wireless, assistive, enhanced and amplified TV listening and other hearing needs. Many others like it in a range of prices, brands and models. Ear buds or full headphones. If you just need the personal listening as not to disturb others or want added clarity for your TV listening enjoyment, […]

TED-2014-12-03 – Security Systems


Elder Security Systems. What are the basics and what to look for. Learn about components in a security system and new technology available to help protect your home or apartment. Security Systems can seem intimidating at first, but they are easy to use. They will help protect you from intruders, life and property hazards. More […]

TED Podcast Extras – Dash Cam

Dash Cam

Dash Cam by Sharper Image for HD Front and Rear Recording. Capture pictures and sounds or record audio and video with the portable, discreet Dash Cam. Record separatly from the two lenses. A 2″ high-definition TFT-LCD split screen shows you what’s being recorded or plays back video. You’ll have a clear record of every trip. […]

TED Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to ALL! from The Elder Divide If you are regular listener to my podcast I would like to hear from you, get to know you and Welcome you to my HOME. Help Support the Show! if you feel this podcast is of value I have given you various ways to support the podcast […]

TED-2014-11-26 – Automotive Technology

Auto Tech

Automotive Technology for Elders and more. These systems and devices can help keep you on the road longer, healthier and safer, making driving easier and more enjoyable. Lots of technology for cars today and more on the way. When doing your search for a new car you might want to look for the ones you […]

TED Podcast Extras – Learn the Net

Learn the Net

Learn the Net Your Online Guide and Tutorials. Available in English, Spanish and French. Learn the Net is a privately-held company based in San Francisco, California. The company focuses on delivering high quality educational products and services in print, digital media, and to the desktop and mobile devices via the Internet and intranets. Topics covered: […]