TED Podcast Extras – Turtle


Turtle by EPill.com is an economy weekly pill box with alarms. It has large capacity compartments. Up to 4 daily alarms and economy pricing regular $50 currently on sale for $25. Oval shape with display and settings in the middle. Small enough to fit a purse, fanny pack or backback. Labeled in Braille and has [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Safe-T-Element


Pioneering Technology is the maker of the Safe-T-Element for electric stoves and Safe-T-Sensor for microwave ovens. Both of these products helps prevent cooking fires before they start. It protects the most vulnerable to fire. Fires from stoves and microwaves are the No. 1 causes of fires in North America. These are both fire safe approved [...]

TED-2014-09-10 – Applications or Apps

What is an App or Application and the Types: – Application software, causes a computer to perform tasks. – Mobile app, software to run on smartphones and mobile devices. – Web app, software to run within a web browser. There are many categories of Apps within these main choices. You also have those that work [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Zilta


Zilta is a new kind of Android smartphone designed from the bottom up to be for the Elderly. An Irish founded company. It has its own OS and the specs are very good. It will be available for pre-order soon but will be mainly a UK and USA product with reach to 160 countries. App [...]

TED Podcast Extras – VisBuzz


VisBuzz very simple operating system for the elders that are NOT tech savvy and computer shy to connect via video calls with friends and family by just touching a familiar face picture of them. Send or receive calls and has names attached with the pictures. A GREAT way to keep from being isolated if you [...]

TED-2014-09-03 – Operating Systems

What is an Operating System or OS and the Types: An OS is software that manages the resources of computer hardware and software by providing common services for computer programs. It is an essential component of the computer system. There are different kinds of Operating Systems that work on a variety of hardware. Microsoft Windows: [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Radios


CCRadio 2E Enhanced AM/FM/WX/2-Meter Ham Band Radio Do you listen to those late night talk shows in bed or listen during the day? Have reception problems where you live? This is in my opinion the best radio for listening to local AM/FM stations or weak signal stations. It has an excellent AM Antenna plus traditional [...]

TED-2014-08-27 Scanners


What is a Scanner and the Types: Modern scanners typically use a charge-coupled device(CCD) or a Contact Image Sensor(CIS) as the image sensor. Scanners produce two-dimensional images of subjects that are usually flat, but sometimes solid; 3D scanners produce information on the three-dimensional structure of solid objects. Digital cameras can be used as scanners with [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Wand

VuPoint Wand

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand™ Portable Scanner with Wi-Fi® II(PDSWF-ST47-VP). This is a portable wand style scanner that works by WiFi or SDsecure digital card up to 32GB gigabytes of memory. It does not need a computer and can also work with smartphones, tablets or phablets. Has 3 resolutions of 300DPI dots per inch(low), 600DPI(medium) & [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Finder


Stick-N-Find is a unique very small location tag that uses your Smartphone with a free Radar App for iOS or Android to locate up to 20 items within 100 feet. Easy to find CR2016 Batteries last a year. Bluetooth 4.0 device. It is round and very small with adhesive on one side to stick to [...]