TED 22APR2015 – Quantified Self

Quantified Self

Quantified Self with Health Technology Devices can be your Diabetes Monitor, Blood Pressure Cuff, Thermometer or others that you use to monitor your health daily, weekly or monthly. Ways to know what is going on without a Doctors visit. Quantified Self is to incorporate technology and data acquisition for all aspects of daily life in […]

TED Podcast Extras – ToughTested


ToughTested are super tough stereo earbuds for Driver, Jobsite, Marine or Ranger. The Driver –Comfort, clear sound, noise reduction and hands free convenience so you can keep your eyes on the road and ears on your conversation. Road warriors, daily commuters, and professional drivers operating trucks, taxis, buses, and heavy equipment. The Jobsite – Design […]

TED Tutorials – Email Basics part 3


Email Basics part 3 Email Tricks, Tips, Shortcuts and Secrets is the focus of this part of basics for gmail. These are some of the most useful that you might want to try. There are lots more but mainly for the advanced user. Also Google makes changes over time, so some of these might not […]

TED Podcast Extras – SolarFocus


SolarFocus solar battery, light and cover for your eReader. Cover looks smart and feels great in your hands without being bulky or heavy. Form-fitted cover keeps your reader safe from damage while adding functionality with a built-in solar panel that charges the reserve battery for the LED reading light while also providing extra power to […]

TED 08APR2015 – Cell Phones update

A simple mobile phone icon

Cell Phones update Cell Phones are kind of a matter of choice. You can be one of those techie types with the latest smart phone or phablet or you can be an Elder just looking for a basic phone that meets your needs. I will try to list some of both categories with a gear […]

TED Podcast Extras – ChargerLeash


ChargerLeash the Ultimate Tech Accessory. Don’t Lose it! – Leash it! Charge & Sync Smart USB cable designed to eliminate the loss of chargers for portable devices. It also reduces e-waste, reduces vampire power and offers anti-theft protection for expensive cell phones and other mobile devices. The Smart cable with Loss Prevention Technology is equipped […]

TED Podcast Extras – MailStore


MailStore Home archives your email from almost any email source and then allows you to search through them extremely quickly. Never lose emails again. This is a totally free addition made by a German IT Security company. Benefits: – A Central Archive for All Emails. – Internet mailboxes such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. – […]

TED Tutorials – Email Basics part 2


Email Basics part 2 This will cover the basics for Contacts or your online address book plus calendars in Gmail. You can get to these by clicking on the Gmail pulldown menu just be low Google in upper left corner of your gmail account when open. It will show Gmail, Contacts and Tasks. Click on […]

TED Podcast Extras – QuickLock


UPDATE: LEHI, UTAH—April 8, 2015—SafeTech Products today announced the reduction in price for their smart padlock, The Quicklock Padlock, from $79 to $49.95. It is now shipping product. Quicklock is a NEW and unique type of Padlock that uses Bluetooth or NFC for a key. No combination to forget or key to lose. It works […]