TED Podcast Extras – Mango – Medication Devices

fruits by NetAlloy

Mango Health a new type of application that could also be in the category of Medication Devices or Medication Manager. It is an App for iPhone available on Apple App Store that helps track your medications, gives you information about them, refill your meds, motivates you against others including community peers plus earn points for [...]

TED-2014-10-15 – Safety – Elder Safety

panic button

Safety can come in various ways and Elder Safety technology is changing by the day with new and improved ways to improve your health, security and keep yourself from being isolated. I will discuss some of the main forms that technology can keep you safe and secure. Some of these areas I have already discussed [...]

TED Podcast Extras – SimpliSafe – Elder Safety


SimpliSafe Home Security Systems for Elder Safety as seen on TV. This is a totally wireless 24 hour/7 days a week system. It has a central wireless connection and keypad with cellular service connection. NO wires to install and NO phone line needed, just easy peel and stick sensors and keypad DIY(do it yourself) installs [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Sonic Bomb – Elderly Alarms

Sonic Bomb

Sonic Bomb By Sonic Alert is example of Elderly Alarms that are loud plus have shaking options. These kind of alarms can be helpful for health as well as safety. Can be used by anyone of any age needing a very loud alarm with added options like bed shaking or flashing lights. For those that [...]

TED-2014-10-08 – Safes – Elder Safety


Safes for Elder Safety also called a strongbox or coffer. It is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft or damage from fire. They can have mechanical or electronic locks (I.E. key, paddle lock, combination, dial or digital keypad). You can also have data storage devices for your important computer files. Even the hide a [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Android – Podcast Apps

Pocket Casts

Podcast Apps for Android. The top ones you can chose for listening to podcasts like this. I will point out the 3 top choices, features, pros and cons. Whether you have a cell phone, phablet or tablet these might be your best choice for Android podcast listening. They all have features like setting up play-lists, [...]

TED Podcast Extras – TranSport – Elderly Mobility


TranSport Foldable Scooter by EV Rider for Elderly Mobility is perfect for the active traveler. Disassembly is a snap, this was designed for your active lifestyles. Sealed Gel-cell batteries makes this travel scooter airline safe; make sure to check with your airlines or travel agent before booking your flight. It’s super portable and a great [...]

TED-2014-10-01 – Scooters – Elderly Mobility


Scooters or mobility aids for Elderly Mobility are equivalent to a wheelchair but configured like a motorscooter. A power-operated vehicle or electric scooter. Sometimes referred as (DME) durable medial equipment. The first device of this type was a Sears electric wheel chair. It has a seat, 3 to 5 wheels, foot plates or flat area [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Fire – Elder Safety


Fire Safety and Elder Safety is something to think about this time of year. Daylight savings time changes for fall use to be in October now it is November, and everyone has heard that you should check or replace you batteries in your smoke detectors. Well how about doing yourself or someone you love a [...]

TED Podcast Extras – Lamp – Low Tech

Floor Lamp

I know this is a little Low Tech but natural light full or daylight spectrum lamps are very useful things for Elders, like having sunlight indoors. They can be used for reading, sewing, crafts, computer use, painting, hobbies etc… Anything where natural light gives you clarity, comfort and ease while doing tasks. They make colors [...]