TED Podcast Extras – CapTel


Keep The Elder Divide Ad free! Become a Patron supporter @ Patreon.com/TheElderDivide CapTel Captioned Telephones. Ideal phones for people with some degree of hearing or vision loss. Easy to use Internet, Land Line or Mobile Phones and Web Browsers with Captioning or Braille Service. Some State and Federal plans for reduced rates for qualified individuals. […]

TED 24JUN2015 – Hobby World


Your hobby world can be wide and diverse. You can stay connected socially with various technologies. Use tech with your favorite hobbies to improve them or make it accessible as you age. The ever increasing numbers of elders are finding many reasons to use technology as a tool, developing friendships, exploring options for hobbies, accessing […]

TED Podcast Extras – STIMband


The Tremtex team of 5 students at John Hopkins University devise a headband-shaped tool for self-treatment with Noninvasive Brain Stimulator that May Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms in a Patient’s Home. This team on June 9, 2015 won the $5,000 second-place prize in VentureWell’s BMEidea national design contest. The invention earned first-place honors in the People’s Choice […]

Don’t Forget Father’s Day – June 2015!


Remember your loved ones on Fathers’s Day – June 21, 2015! Let your Father have the day off and sleep like a dog! When is Father’s Day in 2015? March 19 May 14 June 05 June 07 June 14 June 21 Italy, Spain, Portugal Germany Denmark Lithuania, Switzerland Austria, Belgium, Venezuela Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, […]

TED Podcast Extras – DreamScience


DreamScience Brainwave Oriented Sleep Companion by Oregon Scientific a USA Tualatin, OR based company. This device aids to promote a better sleeping environment using the latest technology. Fulfilling Sleep. Refreshed Morning DreamScience combines two leading clinically proven technologies that soothe your mind unconsciously for more satisfying slumber, while waking you naturally with brainwaves. Together, aided […]

TED 10JUN2015 – Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday! Well it’s my Birthday and I am now 59. Just thought I would just chat a little today for my podcast. If you are regular listener to my podcast I would like to Please hear from you, get to know you and Welcome you to my HOME @ TheElderDivide@ElderDivide.info Help Support the Show! […]

TED Podcast Extras – Petcube


Petcube: Remote Wireless Pet Camera | Pet Monitor System. Stay connected to your pets when you are not at home. Access your Petcube Camera from anywhere and entertain your furry friends anytime. Petcube App lets you watch, talk and play with the cutest pets from all over the world, even if you don’t have your […]

TED 03JUN2015 – Outdoors Tech


Outdoors Tech whether you are Camping, RVing or just outdoors enjoying nature. Maybe even you own backyard. You might have a need for some of these technology gadgets. They can be in the form of Energy, Heat, Light, GPS, Photos, Entertainment or others. Your never too old to play outside. Gadgets: BioLite – Outdoor & […]

TED Podcast Extras – Echo


Amazon Echo referred to by name as Alexa. Always ready, connected, and fast. Just ask. Designed around your voice. It’s always on—just ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. Echo begins working as soon as it detects the wake word. You can pick Alexa or Amazon as your wake word. Echo is also an […]