TED #117 Podcast Extras – GlowCap

GlowCap http://elderdivide.com/?p=2446

GlowCap by Vitality fits most prescription bottles and uses light and sound reminders to signal when it is time to take your medications. Inside the cap, a chip monitors when the pill bottle is opened and wirelessly relays alerts, through cellular network, to you or your caregiver. A push button at the base of the lid makes refills easier than ever.
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TED #116 – Boating Tech

Boating Tech http://elderdivide.com/?p=2417

Boating Tech for the adventurous Elders. Be it sailing, fishing, cruising on your yacht, water skiing or whatever the adventure, you might need some kind of technology to make things safer and easier. It could be freshwater or marine. Anything from fun on the water to sports.
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TED #115 Podcast Extras – Emfit QS

EMFIT QS(quantified self) http://elderdivide.com/?p=2403

Emfit QS(quantified self) a powerful, non-contact sleep monitoring system that installs under your mattress. Also has HRV(heart rate variability) long term monitoring for one’s cardiovascular health. Measures the three stages of sleep, and manages it. Great web based monitoring device for yourself, family or caregivers.
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TED #114 Tutorials – Apple iOS 9 Basics

iOS-9 Basics tutorial http://elderdivide.com/?p=2400

Apple iOS 9 Basics tutorial on the upcoming changes and basics. This is Apple’s OS(operating system) for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. It will help you do more every day with improved enhancements and performance. Beta version available now with final release date expected Fall 2015.
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TED #113 Podcast Extras – Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack App http://elderdivide.com/?p=2367

*** Hello All The Elder Divide Listeners – Beginning with this podcast I will be numbering all my podcasts in sequence from now on Starting with TED #113 ***
It will make it easier to keep track of how many I have done so far.
Again Thank You to All My Listeners!!!

Trivia Crack a new and challenging trivia game for all ages.
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TED 22JUL2015 – Underwater Fun

Looks like fun for Elders

*** 23 July 2015 marks my First Year as the
Producer & Host of The Elder Divide ***

Underwater Fun can be snorkeling, diving, scuba or anything underwater be it fresh, ocean, lake, river or pool. I will try to give you some resources to have that fun.
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TED Podcast Extras – SoundPOD

JULY 4TH BUNDLE SALE - $89.99 for SoundPODS speaker + SoundTRAX headphones combo!

SoundPOD by BlueTiger Sound Clearly. Part of their Play Series.

A little speaker with big punch! These heavy duty speakers have a small form factor with exceptional sound quality that can fit in your hand. Long battery life and multiple ways to connect your audio source to pump out your tunes all day long from your connected device. Crystal clear highs and responsive bass, giving life to your tunes. You can also share with others.
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TED Tutorials – WIN X Basics

Windows 10 Basics Tutorial

Are you prepared for the next new version of Microsoft Windows 10. This will be a turtorial of WIN X Basics. How to Upgrade to Windows 10 – Microsoft.

This will help you from reserving your upgrade copy to the basics of everyday use.
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